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Apply for a cheap mortgage online

Apply for a cheap mortgage online

Access to mortgage credit is highly regulated, meaning that the borrower’s file is carefully considered when applying for a mortgage loan, to verify that the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. If the borrower’s file is validated, it is because the bank considers it solid is realistic.

How to insure a mortgage loan?

How to insure a mortgage loan?

However, like any other type of mortgage, this credit must be insured. The law imposes minimum guarantees (death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy), but it is also recommended to take other covers such as temporary interruption of work. A good credit insurance is expensive, and its price, linked to the profile of the borrower, therefore plays on the overall cost of the loan. It is therefore important to find a hypotecary loan insurance that not only meets the criteria imposed by the bank during the editing of the file, but also has a competitive price. The relaxation of the law (Congilaw Company ) authorizes the borrower to subscribe to a loan insurance from a body other than the bank, which makes it possible to play the competition and thus to reduce prices significantly, since the overall savings on the loan borrowing can reach up to several thousand euros.

Mortgage loan guarantee in case of death, disability, disability, unemployment

Mortgage credit is a loan of money accompanied by a mortgage: A pledge of the property. Thus, if he can no longer repay the monthly installments of the loan, the bank can seize the property put in mortgage in order to resell it to the highest bidder. In this case, the bank beneficiary of the mortgage has priority on the list of creditors. She can even seize the property if it has been sold to a third party. When setting up a mortgage, there must be a notarial deed and registration at the mortgage office.

Mortgage credit is advantageous for both parties:

Mortgage credit is advantageous for both parties:

  • For the bank: the seizure of the property is possible in order to cover the debts and thus sell it at the price that it wishes
  • For the borrower: Despite the mortgage, he can use his property as he wants, and also sell it. In addition, borrowed money can be used for various purchases: it is not reserved for real estate investment. The principle is accessible to everyone, as long as the borrower is the owner.

What Cheap Loan Insurance Offers During a Hypothecary Loan

Cheap loan insurance, as a specialist in mortgage loan insurance, has labeled contracts with many insurers. Make a quote request online, and get your rate immediately. Your file can be validated within 48 hours thanks to the speed and experience of the team, which has the capacity to do the delegation of insurance and thus earns considerable time. You save on your mortgage insurance, without losing product quality, and you save time.

Take out mortgage insurance

  • A loan insurance adapted to a hypotecary project.
  • Our immediate and online response thanks to our hypotecary mortgage insurance simulation tool.
  • The flexibility to choose mortgage loan insurance options and mortgage-backed guarantees.
  • The numerous management facilities according to your financial situation, repayment plan, change of the due date…)
  • The additional insurance on your loan to live your hypotecary loan well insured.

Mortgage Loan Insurance is designed to protect you from the vagaries of life. It allows you to benefit from various guarantees in case of death, disability, incapacity for work, unemployment.

Our hypotecary loan insurance policy covers the accumulation of deadlines remaining due on the day of death or the total and irreversible loss of autonomy. Job loss guarantee option, In the event of total temporary incapacity for work, after deducting a deductible, the loan insurance covers monthly payments that expire during the duration of your work stoppage.

The details of the loan insurance guarantees are available on request via the online broker contact form


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