How to get money only with the ID – You will see how easy.

It is very easy, you simply select the amount you need and in how many days you are willing to return the money and we take care of finding the best credit offers only with the DNI among the best companies in the sector. 100% Online Management. See for details

How much money do you want? € How much time do you need to return it? days Commission
All data is safe with SSL encryption Request up to € 1,000 Request up to € 4,000 Request up to € 60,000

Representative example of Money only with the DNI : 200 euros at 30 days. Interest and fees: € 30. Total to return € 230; APR: 1,876%. What is the APR? equivalent annual rate, is used to compare interest or costs between different long-term loans. The APR is useful for comparisons of long-term loans, however, in very short-term loans, it does not have much logic as it does not allow these terms.

What do you need to get money just with your ID?

What do you need to get money just with your ID?


To be able to ask for money only with the DNI you need to be of legal age, have permanent residence in Spain or Spanish nationality, a bank account number, mobile phone, email and of course your ID.

You will not need to have payroll or guarantees, only with these easy-to-get requirements you can choose to get money online only with the DNI through quick credits.

In many cases you can get the money even by being in delinquent listings like Financial Credit Institutions or FCI.

In addition, many of the companies we work with offer their first free online credit, without complying with their requirements. We will always try to get you these types of offers whenever possible.

You can have your credit only with your ID in less than 10 minutes

You can have your credit only with your ID in less than 10 minutes


The money you need can be in your bank account in less than 10 minutes. You make the request in about 5 minutes, we find offers in seconds. Companies will contact you by email, SMS or sometimes by phone to complete the application process, this step can take you 5 minutes.

If the credit application with only the DNI is made during business hours, the transfer will be made almost immediately once your application is approved and you can count on your money immediately.

How do I return the loans only with the DNI?

How do I return the loans only with the DNI?


Returning loans only with the urgent money DNI is very easy, the entities with which we work propose several options so that you can select the one that in your opinion is the best and easiest:

  • Pay via debit card from the client area of ​​the entity that you will access once your application is approved.
  • Make the payment automatically by credit card at the end of the estimated term of return of your credit only with the DNI, also configurable from the client area of ​​the entity.
  • Pay through a bank transfer or direct deposit into account to any of the bank accounts that the financial entity will make available to you.

Other ways to get money only with ID

Other ways to get money only with ID


Pre-granted bank loans

One way to get money quickly with the DNI is with this banking product, it is a product through which you can get money if you are a customer of a banking entity. You must be a customer of a bank that offers them, but don’t worry, they are the majority.

These pre-granted loans focus on that you can have an amount of money available only with ID to be transferred to your account immediately when you need it. This amount depends directly on your economic situation and will be offered by the bank.

To get this type of loan you just have to apply to your bank and they will deposit the money in your account immediately, you can request it even online from the online platform of the bank.

Crowdfounding, P2P loans, credit cards, payroll advances, are other ways to get money online only with your ID.

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